img_3684Giselle Weybrecht is a recognised advisor, speaker, thought leader, social entrepreneur and author focused on business and sustainability and works with businesses and business schools around the world. She uses trans-displinary, innovative and creative thinking approaches to demystify sustainability and engage a wide range of audiences. Her particular focus areas include;

  • Ensuring all business students around the world are not just taught about sustainability but are able to apply it for the benefit of the business, the planet and society.
  • Exploring creative and innovative solutions, bringing together different disciplines and groups.
  • Sharing and connecting the fantastic work in this areas happening globally.
  • Exploring what a more sustainable future might look like and how to get us there.

Giselle is the author of The Future MBA: 100 Ideas for Making Sustainability the Business of Business education (Greenleaf/Routledge 2016) and bestselling The Sustainable MBA: A Business Guide to Sustainability 2nd ed. (Wiley 2015). She is the founder of the PRiMEtime blog in collaboration with the United Nations, and GOWI (an online learning platform focused on sustainability). She is a Special Advisor to the United Nations Global Compact/Principles for Responsible Management Education and advises a number of other organisations on their sustainability strategies. Giselle is a graduate of London Business School and previously worked as a programme specialist and consultant with UNESCO, the UN and the World Bank. In 2017 she received the United Nations Pioneer Award for her work embedding sustainability into management education globally and was selected as London Leader by the Mayor in 2013. She is an in demand speaker and a regular contributor to major media outlets.

She is also known for using chocolate to start discussions about sustainability, and vice versa, through her blog Ultimate Hot Chocolate and as the founder of The School of Sustainable Chocolate .