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A Summary of Approaches to Reporting on the SDGs

A Summary of Approaches to Reporting on the Sustainable Development Goals based on the 2018 Sharing Information on Progress Reports by Giselle Weybrecht (September 2019)

The following report provides a summary of how signatories of the UN Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) are reporting on the SDGs. It considers all SIPs submitted throughout 2018 (over 200 reports). Rather than provide a roadmap, this report summarises some of the approaches currently being taken as well as some of relevant initiatives that relate directly to the SDGs. I am sharing this with the wider PRME network with the hope that it will assist schools in preparing their SIPs, in getting the most out of the process of reporting and to push for more comprehensive action and reporting in relation to the SDGs moving forwards. This is only a small part of the information extracted from the reports. Additional insights are being posted on the blog

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