Giselle is regularly invited to be a speaker at events around the world including the United Nations, OECD, European Union, leading business schools, business school networks such as AACSB, EFMD and GMAC and in businesses of all sizes. Her audiences range from business school deans and students, executives and employees, and the general public. She tailors every presentation so that it is directly relevant to the particular audience and likes to provide useful as well as thought provoking ideas to really push organisations forward on their sustainability journeys. She often focuses on innovation, the future of sustainability (and how to get us there), idea generation and multi-disciplinary collaborations. She is known for having an extensive database of good practices from around the world relating to sustainability and the SDGs. Email for more information and topics. Also note that any of the topics she explores in her writing or courses on GOWI can be turned into presentations/workshops.

One Hour Sessions for your team/organisation: Giselle offers a range of one hour introductory presentations and interactive workshops on sustainability and business, sustainability and management education, the future of management education (and chocolate!) aimed at staff and/or students as well as for business. Email for details.


Giselle has worked with a number of organisations around the world on sustainability projects including the UN Global Compact, the World Bank, UNESCO, the UN, leading business schools, think tanks, consulting firms and NGOs. She also works on her own projects and is always looking to collaborate with others interested in similar topics.

With Business Schools/Universities

  • Advisor to the deans/directors
  • Strategy development and planning
  • New initiative idea generation
  • Differentiating and opportunities
  • Staff/faculty training
  • Student engagement on campus/career
  • Guest lecturer/new course development
  • Background research/best practices
  • The future of management education
  • Partnership development
  • Sustainability reporting

With Organisations

  • Sustainability opportunities and risks
  • Engaging groups in sustainability
  • Idea generation and differentiation
  • New initiative development
  • Research and projects
  • Advisory strategy development/implementation
  • Staff training/engagement
  • Partnership development